Read what Victoria's clients have to say!

From my first session with Victoria I felt totally at ease and comfortable with opening up to her. The open and honest communication lead to the realisation that my reasoning for seeking a life coach was not quite as simple as I first thought. I set out with the goal of finding my dream job, so sure that would lead to my happiness. Little did I know that my job wasn’t the problem, the problem was me! For so long my negative mindset and self loathing has held me back but with Victoria’s help, guidance and useful strategies I feel much more confident in myself, I am no longer constantly worrying about what people will think of me or terrified of failure. This is an ongoing journey for me and I am so grateful to Victoria for helping me on my way, without her I would still be letting my fears get in the way of my happiness.
— HR Interior Designer
Victoria is a brilliant, encouraging, friendly and professional coach. She helped me gain focus, build confidence and has given me the push I needed to get things done!
Overall, Victoria has been inspiring, challenging and supportive as a coach. I am extremely grateful for the chance to have worked with her
— VB Image Consultant
Overall the sessions helped build my confidence in getting closer to my goals and actually realising them. I have taken away a lot of useful practical tools which I have already started applying. I don’t feel I would be in this position had it not been for the coaching by Victoria
— SH Strength and Conditioning Coach
One could think I would be biased writing about my lovely friend Victoria, however there’s no need to be, you’ll understand when you spend your valuable time being around or with her. I met this stunning person almost 20 years ago. There are so many wonderful things I could tell you about her, please give yourself your time to be with her, then you too will be infected by her positive, trustworthy, happy and openness to life. With Victoria’s patient guidance, support and advice she helped me to believe in myself and that I was of value again after a vulnerable time in my life.
I know as a young child she suffered at times and in her adulthood, has had to deal with unfair and sad issues and I’m so proud how she has not let this dent let alone destruct her life. Victoria is a very special person and a very dear friend, I feel so very fortunate to know her and trust me, you will too!
— NN Hair Stylist and dear friend
You were very helpful in getting me to form my goals and to make them really time specific which I needed, as I am so good at procrastination! I did not ever feel I was being judged by you which is important, and I felt you really listened to what I had to say and kept me focused on how to move forward.
You were always very attentive and thoughtful and retained all the information I gave you which was very impressive.
You helped me to recognise how my depression in the past had led to a feeling of not being good enough in my work and how that can change. I am in a positive place now, feeling that I have valuable skills to offer and confident of my abilities. You helped me to reinforce those feelings so many thanks once again for all your good work.
— ST EFT Psychotherapist
Coaching has been an incredible way to re take control of my life, schedule and achieve the goals I want to. It’s been a huge help in realising that taking time out for yourself can be as productive as loading yourself up with more work. Victoria has an amazing way of engaging you, her positivity and energy is infectious and it’s really paved the way for a whole new way of thinking and approaching hurdles and making changes.
— AB Food Author
Receiving coaching from Victoria was an uplifting and motivational experience.
She is highly skilled in her craft, with the ability to instinctively respond and help with any situation, as well as guiding and supporting you towards a positive outcome.
Whilst I’m working towards achieving a very challenging goal, with Victoria’s specialist guidance, I’m on course to succeed - THANK YOU VICTORIA
— CM Health and Lifestyle Specialist
In a very supportive way Victoria helped me to uncover limiting beliefs and unhelpful strategies I had. I was astonished how far I had come, I recognised that I was no longer the same person I had been at the beginning of our work together and I could see how all the different pieces of our work had come together.
I feel that Victoria developed great rapport with me and that she was really committed to support me on my journey. Thanks to the clarity I gained through our coaching sessions I was able to make some bold decisions which will help me towards my future vision with confidence
— IH Solution focused Hypnotherapist
Having these sessions has improved my life completely; I always consider alternatives now when making decisions about all that life has to offer. I am absolutely delighted how my life has changed and would not be in the position I am without Victoria’s invaluable coaching
— CW Retired Professional
In terms of feedback for the shine bright workshop it really was a brilliant day and exactly what I needed. Even now looking back, it felt as if I had a little day break from my usual London life. I can’t be the only one in need of that escape. It was so nice to be around such positive and lovely people.

I think our session with you was substantive and, in my mind, formed the framework for the day. Your positive and kind energy really made me understand why you do what you do- if I was to embark on life coaching sessions, I think that positivity alone would be motivating and reassuring. I loved doing the vision boards (as you could see!) and I think that they would certainly be useful for anyone in need of reminding of all the things in his world that make them happy- for me, I’m so clear in my mind of the things I love and my goals that it was more beneficial as a relaxation tool. I think these could be used in the same way as colouring in for an anxiety reliever.

I hope this is all helpful in some way- I’ve tried to think of some useful feedback but all in all, I loved meeting you and our session. I’m so grateful for the whole day and hope to see you all again.
— HK Workshop attendee at our House Curious Workshop